About us

Laki Studio is all about fashion for women who believe in being unapologetically modest and are fiercely fashionable at the same time! The modern woman wants to  keep pace with the world and “dress to impress”. But who says you have to compromise with your personal style for that? Welcome to Laki Studio! We are  clothing and accessories brand with a mission to design most exquisite, modest and elegant range of unique Islamic attires to promote elegance through simplicity and modesty.
With Laki Studio you can become fashionista on your terms.

Laki Studio is your online shopping destination for modest wear styles that are high on fashion and function.
We bring modest wear – a revolutionary new trend that has taken over the worldيs top brands and designer showcases with a vision to enhance your style sensibilities. Come, be a trendsetter with the next big thing from the ever evolving world of fashion and style.
Our elegantly designed modest wear collections would transform your wardrobe like never before.

Designed to amaze the wearer as well as the viewer, Laki Studio collections are a reflection of the evolving concepts in global fashion, which encourages diversity and  individualism. Shop for womenيs clothing online at Laki Studio to flaunt latest designs in trending modest wear styles like abayas, hijabs, tunics, kaftans and more.
Check out our wide range of modest wear dresses for women in a variety of colours, prints and fabrics.
Make shopping easy with our carefully curated collections to suit every occasion, style and budget.
Check out whatيs new at Laki Studio and upgrade your wardrobe now

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